SEPTEMBER 14, 2019

18 Hole Par 3 – 9 Holes Best Ball – YEP 27 HOLES

All players tee off on each hole. The player whose ball is selected to be played for the second shot (or putt) is ineligible to play the second shot (or putt). After the second shot (or putt) is played. All four players may then play until ball is holed out. Teams are required to use a minimum o three (3) tee shots per player for the par 3.

Final 9 holes are played as a 2 best ball format.

September 1st handicap will be used.

Interested? Give us a call at (707) 467-2832 or stop in the Pro Shop!



Eligibility: Must be a UMGC Member, 18 years of age, and have an established handicap index of 9/1/2019

Entry deadline: Thursday, September 12th

Entry fee: $20 per player

Money winners qualify for TOC

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