October Newsletter

Upcoming Events at Ukiah

October 6
Black Bart Hoo Hoo Tournament.
October 8
South Ukiah Rotary Golf Tournament.


October 9
Green Aerification.
Course closed for day October 16
Bosses Day – You don’t have to let your boss win, but you may want to!
Book your tee time October 17
Jack & Jill Golf Tournament.


October 21
Ukiah Men’s Club Tournament of Champions.October 21


October 28
Boys & Girls Golf Tournament


Bosses Day is October 16th –

You don’t have to let the boss win, but you may want to!


October 21st is Sweetest Day,

It’s a day set aside to share a kind thought or gesture. Maybe you could take someone to the course,

or treat a friend to a delicious snack at Slush on The Park.

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